Reaching out together
Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage involvement in missions Local, National and International. Contact the Church Office for more information
The Dalby Baptist Food Garden Project when fully developed the production bench space will exceed 500 metres.  It is intended to produce seasonal Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers.  
There are numerous benefits to be had by members of the local population.
  • Assist in supporting, maintaining and strengthening local Community support work.  These organisations already provide for our loved ones and quite possibly to us as well in the future.
  • Contribute to the well-being of those in need and who access the assistance that is currently being provided by various organisations.
  • Develop gardening knowledge and skills by taking a "Hands On" approach that will improve existing understanding or, improve confidence so that you can establish your own home garden.
  • Access regular and structured information and training sessions on every aspect of the garden operation.
  • Socialise in a safe and comfortable environment.

The entire Community can benefit from this initiative.


Operation Christmas Child
We send about 150 – 200 shoe boxes each year, the shoeboxes are filled with items from the list below.  It's a huge blessing to be involved in this Project!​
Start packing your box with:
Something to wear
Something to play with
Something for school
Something to love
Something special
Something for personal hygiene
Collection date for Dalby Baptist Church is early in October. 
For more information follow the below link or contact us.